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Middle School Summer Reading: Home

Everything you need to know for summer reading for grades 5-8 for 2017.

"The seeds of reading and school success are sown in the home, long before the child ever arrives at school." - Jim Trelease, The Read-Aloud Handbook

Summer Reading is important.

Summer reading is very important! Randolph's curriculum works best when it builds upon what parents are doing at home. We want our children to return after the summer ready to read, write and learn. When students see that parents and teachers believe in the value of reading, they are more apt to feel the same way.

Students who love to read will see success in school. This begins at home where students are encouraged to read, their parents set an example of reading in front of them, and their parents read aloud to them. Becoming a good reader takes practice. Offer your children quiet times and good places to enjoy reading. Read aloud to them on a regular basis; students whose parents do so perform better on standardized tests, have larger vocabularies, and find more success in all subjects. 

Take advantage of our free streaming audio books!


Are you taking a car trip this summer? Try listening to an audio book on the way. Randolph has subscribed to the audio book service Tales2Go. Simply download the free Tales2Go app on your mobile phone or tablet. When prompted, select "login as school", then enter your lunch number as your ID and the password "raiders". Select an audio-book and enjoy!