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Randolph Upper School Summer Reading 2017: Home

Summer Reading choice books for rising 9th -12th grade.


"Those who don't read have no advantage over those who can't."  - Mark Twain

The purpose of Summer Reading at Randolph is two-fold. First, we strive to encourage the habit of reading for pure enjoyment. By having students select something they want to read over the summer and then discussing it as a group in August, we hope to engender a community of intellectual exchange and dialogue.

Second, we endeavor to link students' reading experiences to their fall learning activities. Students are encouraged to take notes or journal about their reading.


Required books by grade as assigned by the Randolph Upper School English Department.

The English Department does not permit the use of print or electronic study guides (for example, SparkNotes or CliffsNotes). These type of guides may NEVER be used as a substitute for the assigned reading. Use of such study aids is considered “unauthorized assistance” and therefore an Honor Code violation. Maintain your academic integrity by doing your own work --- read the assigned text and generate original ideas about the reading. 


Barnes and Noble will be informed of our Summer Reading titles for stocking purposes, but book purchases may be made anywhere.

Rising 9th: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck   *    Rising 10th: Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman  

Rising 11th: Serial Podcast (Season One)  

Rising 12th: The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

Additional Summer Reading Requirements


In addition to your REQUIRED reading for English, please select a Themed Box below. Complete two of the three items in the Themed Box. For example, for Mythology, read both books, or read one book and listen to the podcast.  We will gather as groups in August to discuss the reading.





Mythology: Pick two of the three items

Scary! Pick two of the three items

Fishing: Pick two of the three items

Lots of Lincoln: Select two items.

Neil Gaiman Rules! Select two items.

Fairy Tales Galore : Select two items.

Thoughts on Immigration: Choose two items.

Performing Arts: Choose two items.

Feminism in Literature = Select two items.

Happiness: Pick two of the three items

Sporting Adventure: Select two items.

Post-apocalyptic Literature: Select two items.

Ghost Stories: Select two items.

Shocking Short Stories: Select Joyce Carol Oates and one other story.

Disasters in Science: Read book and select one other item

Poetry: Choose two items.

Poverty in America - Select two items.

Reading for Readers: Select two items.

Brain Science: Choose two items

Classic Allegory: Select two items.

Mysteries! Select two items.

Sci-Fi Heroines: Select two items.

The Underground Railroad: Select two items OPEN TO 11th and 12th Grade Only

Historical Fiction - Select two items.

The Holocaust: Select two items.

Medici Italy - Read book and choose one other item.

Design Matters! : Read book and select two more items.