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Bright Ideas of the Dark Ages: Home

Who says nothing happened during the Dark Ages? In this pathfinder, you will find resources on medieval innovations.

Project Description

For this assignment, you will:

  1. Research an innovation of the "Dark Ages."
  2. Create a model or artifact showing the innovation.
  3. Present your new knowledge to the class.


Consider these questions:

  • What was the purpose of your technology? What was it used for?
  • Why did medieval people need this technology? What did it replace?
  • When did the technology first appear?
  • How did your innovation change the civilization?
  • How did the use of this technology expand and progress over time?
  • Which social class(es) used this technology?

Medieval Innovations

Welcome to the Dark Ages!

If you follow the tabs above, you will find resources in a variety of formats to help you complete your task.