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Summer Reading for Rising 9th Grade : Home

A guide with summer reading information for rising 9th grade students.

9th Grade Summer Reading

All Rising 9th grade students are required to read Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Students are to have the book completed and ready to be discussed on the first day of classes. They should also expect a possible reading quiz and written analysis assignment during the unit to start the year. The English faculty recommend purchasing this version of the book. 


Summer reading is an opportunity to build interest in topics, gain knowledge, make connections, and develop empathy. Students will choose one fiction or non-fiction book to read, in addition to Of Mice and Men. Suggested titles will be provided, but readers can choose any title and format of a book they wish to read.

Step 1: Select for Success! Self-select a book that fits your interest. The audience level of the book must be Young Adult (YA) or Adult. It should be new reading and cannot double any course-required reading. A list of recommended books will be provided below to give ideas. Reach out to Mrs. Strain at if you need help selecting a book.

Step 2: Read the book. 

Step 3: Complete the One-Pager. Directions & template are attached below.

Step 4: Summer reading books will be shared in Advisory Groups during the second week of school. Small group discussions will occur. Come prepared with a completed One Pager, your book, and ready to discuss your selection!