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Medieval Pathfinder: Websites

A collection of sources selected to help students as they research various aspects of the Middle Ages.


Try using the Boolean Operators you learned for databases in a search engine.

Google Web Search

Suggested Websites

Find websites evaluated by librarians at:


Internet Public Library

Scout Report Archives

Using websites found on search engines such as Google or Bing? Evaluate your findings for Authority, Currency, Objectivity, Coverage and Accuracy.


  • Is an author listed?
  • What are his/her credentials
  • Can I contact him/her?
  • Is the page published by a particular institution?
  • Are they respected?
  • What does the url tell you?


  • When was the page published?
  • Is it being maintained? Has it been updated recently?
  • Are there any broken links?


  • Does the publishing body have bias?
  • Does the author have bias?
  • Are both sides of arguments presented?


  • Does the author cite his/her information sources?
  • Are these sources authentic?
  • Is information missing?
  • Is information organized and formatted well?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Is this website appropriate for my level of research?


  • Are there misspellings or grammatical errors?
  • Do you notice other errors?

Medieval Manuscripts

"Up until the end of the Middle Ages, when the art of printing first allowed a measure of mass production, books were made by hand one at a time. Every manuscript is therefore unique: even when the scribes and artists copied a model text or image, the result is marked by their own taste and training, not to mention the wishes of their patron."  from The Library of the Medieval Institute