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Inherit the Wind Research Center: Prosecution Arguments

Find information for your paper and create your video using this helpful guide.

Group Description

Key Arguments for the Prosecution
This group should focus on the main arguments put forth by the prosecution in this case.
  • Why did they believe Scopes should be found guilty?
  • In addition, this group should present the key anti-evolution arguments put forth during this time.


Clash of Cultures in the 1910s and 1920s
An interpretive essay of more than 10,000 words on the culture wars of an earlier day, with approximately 34 documents and 75 images (photographs, cartoons, posters, flyers, and maps), this site, prepared by two Ph.D. history students, contains a section on the Scopes Trial.

Famous Trials in American History: Tennessee vs. John Scopes
Law professor Douglas Linder from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, created this exceptional legal history site. It includes fascinating treatments of over 50 of the most prominent court trials in American history, including the Scopes “Monkey” Trial (1925).

Clarence Darrow Cross-Examines William Jennings Bryan
A transcript of the cross-examination from the Scopes Trial, July 20, 1925.

Monkey Trial
Created to accompany the American Experience episode, this website has information on the trial and the people involved.

William Jennings Bryan on the Evil of Evolution
An excerpt from Bryan's pamphlet "The Menace of Evolution".

Who is Fundamental?
This 1923 article from Time Magazine explains the viewpoint of the Fundamentalists, that every word of the Bible is true.

Teaching and Learning About Evolution with the New York Times


Search these databases available through AVL.

History Reference Center
A search for "scopes trial" or the individual names of the major players returns a number of results. Click on the article of interest and on the left-hand side you will see your full text options. You can also find information by searching for subjects "EVOLUTION -- Religious aspects" or "SCOPES, John Thomas -- Trials, litigation, etc.".


Anti-evolution League

Topical Press Agency, Getty Images

The Anti-Evolution League of America was an Adamist organization created in 1924 a year after William Bell Riley founded the Anti-Evolution League of Minnesota. The first president was the Kentucky preacher Dr. J. W. Porter and T. T. Martin of Mississippi was field secretary and editor of the organization's official organ, The Conflict. The organization was behind anti-evolution legislation in Kentucky, where its efforts were supported by William Jennings Bryan.