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Comparing Cinderellas: Step 4: Investigate

This LibGuide is designed to help second grade students compare different versions of the folk tale, Cinderella.

If you read Yeh-Shen or Wishbones...

... investigate the culture of ancient China.

In the stories about Yeh-Shen, the villagers are invited to a festival given by the king. Investigate other holidays and festivals celebrated in China.  Learn about the types of entertainment and food that would be  at the different festivals and write down what you learn, so that you can share examples with the class.   Assignment adapted from Artsedge.


Use the following resources for your research: 


Chinese Cultural Center

Mr. Donn's Ancient China Site

If you read Rhodopsis or The Egyptian Cinderella...

... investigate the culture of ancient Egypt.

The story of The Egyptian Cinderella begins with Rhodopis being kidnapped as a child by pirates from her home in Greece. Map out the route that the pirates must have taken from Greece to the Nile River in Egypt.  Find pictures of famous Egyptian landmarks that Rhodopis might have passed or encountered; be sure to tell what they are and why they're famous!  Assignment adapted from Artsedge.


Use the following resources for your research: 

Mr. Donn's Ancient Egypt Site

Maps of the Mediterranean

The British Museum

If you read The Rough-Face Girl or Little Burnt Face...

Investigate the culture of the Algonquin the Native American people.

One Native American tribe which tells a version of the Rough-Faced Girl story is the Algonquins.  Algonquians lived in wigwams, and all of their belongings came from nature. Research the Algonquian Indians, and make a model of their village.  Be sure to label each part!


Use the following resources for your research: 

Algonquin Fact Sheet  

Kidport Reference Library  

The Canadian Encyclopedia (scroll down to find information about the Algonquin tribe)