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Igniting The Holocaust - Facing History and Ourselves: Belonging to a Group

This LibGuide takes 5th grade students through the human behavior and historical events that precipitated WWII. It is based on the first 3 steps of the Facing History & Ourselves process and is designed to be used as a supplement to classroom discussion.

Eve's Story

Have you ever been the victim of bullying?  Have you ever bullied someone else?  Have you ever stood by and watched while a bully picked on someone?            Chances are -- if you're honest with yourself -- that the answer to one or more of these questions is, "yes."

In this video, an eighth grader named Eve answers these questions as she tells her story.  Watch carefully.  As you watch, think about how Eve's role changes from victim to bystander to bully.

You Respond

In your journal, answer the following questions:

1.  Eve talks about "subtle" harassment such as rolled eyes and giggles.  How does her description compare to your own ideas about what bullying looks like?

2.  Eve is brave enough to tell a story about a time in her life she's not proud of; think of a time you have picked on someone else or have stood by while someone else was a bully.  In your journal, tell your story.

3.  At the end of her speech, Eve says, "I would like to say that if I were in that situation today I would react differently, but I can't honestly be sure.  Often being accepted by others is far more satisfying than being accepted by oneself."  Do you agree with Eve's statement?  Why or why not?