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Igniting The Holocaust - Facing History and Ourselves: Being Different

This LibGuide takes 5th grade students through the human behavior and historical events that precipitated WWII. It is based on the first 3 steps of the Facing History & Ourselves process and is designed to be used as a supplement to classroom discussion.

About The "Other"

Before you watch the video below, find a friend and discuss these questions:

  1. Why do people get bullied?
  2. At our school, how much are people evaluated based on their choices of clothing or activities? Do people get harassed or picked on for wearing particular styles or adopting particular hobbies? Why?
  3. Describe the characteristics of someone who wants to be or is trying to be “different.” How do you respond when you encounter a person who is trying to develop his or her own personal style? Do you respect this desire?

Watch the following video carefully.  As you watch, try to identify these categories:  victim(s), bully(ies), bystander(s), hero(es). 

(You will need to sign into Safari to view the video; if you need help, ask your teacher or your librarian.)

You Respond...

In your journal, respond to the following questions; be ready to discuss your thoughts in class:

  1. What do Dana and her friends all have in common?  What makes Lauren different?
  2. Why do you think Dana and her friends feel that anyone who dresses like Lauren deserves to be criticized?  In your opinion, is their point-of-view reasonable?  Why or why not?
  3. Describe some of Dana’s personal qualities and characteristics.  Why do Dana’s friends participate or look the other way while she abuses Lauren? 
  4. At one point, Dana's boyfriend tries to stand up for Lauren.  How do Dana and her friends respond?  How could he have made his action more effective?
  5. What coping strategies could Lauren use to stop the harassment? Do you think these strategies would prevent further harassment?