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The Power of One: Reference Materials

This Libguide will help you research South Africa and the topics mentioned in The Power of One.

About Reference

Reference materials are a great way to get an overview of your topic. They do not generally circulate outside of the library, but you can make copies of important content using the copier by Ms. Foust Colburn's office. 
Reference materials include:

  • dictionaries
  • encyclopedias
  • directories
  • biographical sources
  • geographical sources
  • ready reference materials

When using these sources, start with the index (often in the last volume if the material is a multi-volume set). You can also try the table of contents or the appropriate volume for your subject's name if the resource is arranged alphabetically.

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Featured Reference Books


Don't forget reference books online!

Salem History

Access Salem Press' reference books from our library online.

History Reference Center

Browse or search this database to find reference materials, books, and articles. Remember to select full-text to read your results online.

Oxford Reference Online

Search Oxford's Reference books through this AVL sponsored database.

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