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The Power of One: Websites

This Libguide will help you research South Africa and the topics mentioned in The Power of One.

Suggested Websites

A Country Study: South Africa
The Library of Congress has extensive information, including sections on history, the society and environment, economy, government and politics and national security.

South African History Online
South African History Online is a non-partisan people's history project created in 2000 and aims to "create the most comprehensive online encyclopedia of South African history and culture." 

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid
This website from Michigan Sate University breaks the topic into 7 units and includes documents and images to support research.

South African Politics: An Introduction Using Internet Resources
Created by a professor at the University of York, this website gives a good overview of South African history with links to documents and images.

The Anglo-Boer War Museum
The website goes into detail regarding the wars. Pay special attention to the Education, Media and Data sections.

African National Congress
Take a look at the "Documents" section for information on the history of South Africa's national liberation movement.

British Pathe Film Archive
A rich video news archive covering historical events, sport, social history and entertainment from 1896 to 1970. Obtain free low resolution video clips after the free registration.

Cornell University: Making of America
Although counter-intuitive, searching Making of America for "cecil rhodes" results in a number of articles on the Boer War, Transvaal, military problems in South Africa and others.

Digital Innovation South Africa
Free digitized resources for researchers are available through this database, concentrating on South Africa between 1950 and 1994. 

Plant Z Africa
The South African National Biodiversity Institute hosts this site about plants indigenous to southern Africa and related topics.

 Apartheid Museum

Collections of Evaluated Websites

Find websites evaluated by librarians at:


Internet Public Library

Scout Report Archives


Try using the Boolean Operators you learned for databases in a search engine.

Google Web Search

Evaluating Websites

Using websites found on search engines such as Google or Bing? Evaluate your findings for Authority, Currency, Objectivity, Coverage and Accuracy.


  • Is an author listed?
  • What are his/her credentials
  • Can I contact him/her?
  • Is the page published by a particular institution?
  • Are they respected?
  • What does the url tell you?


  • When was the page published?
  • Is it being maintained? Has it been updated recently?
  • Are there any broken links?


  • Does the publishing body have bias?
  • Does the author have bias?
  • Are both sides of arguments presented?


  • Does the author cite his/her information sources?
  • Are these sources authentic?
  • Is information missing?
  • Is information organized and formatted well?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Is this website appropriate for my level of research?


  • Are there misspellings or grammatical errors?
  • Do you notice other errors?