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Bright Ideas of the Dark Ages: Books

Who says nothing happened during the Dark Ages? In this pathfinder, you will find resources on medieval innovations.

About Books

Books are a great way to find more specific information from respected authors. For this project, your librarians have done some of the initial research for you by pulling books for the cart.

Many library books will be found around the 940.1 call number range.  However, don't forget to look in the catalog for a variety of terms or you will miss gems such as The Medieval City (call number 307.76 Pou) and Medicine in the Middle Ages (call number 610.9 Daw). 

Other Libraries

Not finding what you need at Randolph's Upper School Library?

To find books on the Drake campus, use the Location drop-down option in your Destiny to choose "All Lower & Middle School". You can either check them out on the Drake campus or request an Inter-Library Loan through Ms. Foust Colburn or Ms. Brewer.

Speak to your librarians or teacher if you are having trouble finding resources. They may be able to help you locate information or order additional books.

Look in other libraries' catalogs:

Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

Library Catalog

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Searching Tips


When you enter a word or term and click Title, you get a list of items with that word anywhere in the title.


If you know the author of a book, and want to find others written by the same one, enter all or part of the name and click Author.


If you want to find items about a certain subject, topic, person, or place, enter all or part of it and click Subject. Make sure to use the plural form, if your search term has one, instead of the singular. Enter flies instead of fly or lions instead of lion.


When you enter a word or term and click Keyword, Destiny returns a list of items with that word almost anywhere in the record.


If you enjoyed a book that belongs to a series, like Goosebumps or The Baby-Sitters Club, and want to find books in the same series, enter all or part of the series name, and click Series.


If you don't know the complete word, or aren't sure how to spell it, add an asterisk (*) to the end of what you do know.
You can use croc* to find "crocodiles".
If you enter rom*, Destiny finds "rome" and "roman".

You could use a question mark (?) to replace a single letter. You can use more than one question mark in a word, but it can't be the first or last letter.
If you're not sure whether it's "allegators", "allagators", or "alligators", search for     "all?gators".



The trebuchet helped protect walled cities and castles.

Heavy Plow