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World History I, Spring 2013: Print Resources

Compare a topic of your choice, from the list, within two different civilizations. Use that information to draw a larger conclusion about those two civilizations.

Library Books

Your friendly librarians have already pulled many books germane to your research. They are at the end of the fiction section; we would be happy to help you locate them. If you find something that looks helpful, turn to the index to search for your topic. Remember that like searching for something on the internet, try different key words to search for your information. If you are researching medicine, for instance, look under science, healing, disease, health, physicians, as well as medicine. When you find something useful, you might find more books in the regular library stacks by following the call number.

When using the library books, remember that your teachers WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CHECK THESE MATERIALS OUT. Exceptions will be made on Friday afternoons but the books MUST be back on Monday morning! Please don't copy chapters at a time - use the books thoughtfully, take notes (using NoodleTools), spend time researching during free periods.

Huntsville/Madison County Public Library

The Huntsville/Madison County Public Library has several branches throughout the area. Materials available at any location can be delivered to the branch nearest you. Library cards are easy to get and cost nothing. Let Mrs. Anderson know if you need help with this.

Public libraries use the same cataloging/shelving system as our library. If you find helpful information here (say, 720.5 - architecture), you can just go to any public library, find the 720 section, and you will be in the middle of architecture. Use their online catalog for more specific searches.

University of Alabama/Huntsville

Like most academic libraries, UAH has an open library policy. Anyone is allowed in the library to use their books or periodicals.

UAH has gone a step further, however, and has opened their library to high school students who would like to borrow materials, or use the univesity's online databases. Randolph students may borrow two books for two weeks at a time, and may use the databases from campus.

For more information on using the UAH Library, see Mrs. Anderson, or just visit the library at 301 Sparkman Dr.

Academic libraries use a different cataloging/shelving system. Here's a link showing Dewey Decimal to Library of Congress conversions.

Your Friendly Librarian