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Mosaics in the Ancient World: Project Details

Prof. Dunar's Latin I, II, IV, Mediterranean Archaeology Research

Library Research Component

1.  Library research component:  You must go the library and peruse and use the materials during the period from Monday, March 11 through Friday, April 5.

You must sign in with Mrs. Anderson so that you will be accountable for doing this and she will pass the list to me.  You must have one book source.  By this, I mean a physical book or pamphlet.  Of course, the majority of your research resources will probably be web-based.

Library sign-in sheet and materials will be on the window sill, right hand side of the library

Power Point Component

2.  Prepare a Power Point:

You should have from nine to twelve slides.  Use only short words and phrases and be prepared to tell about your research in your own words.  

            a. Historical background of the site:  Demonstrate a solid understanding of the history of the site.  If you are concentrating on a particular building, you must give the history of its location (for example, the area of the city of Rome.)

            b. Mosaics: Select five to seven or your favorite mosaic imagesfrom the site.  Be able to tell why they are typical or interesting to you. 

            c. Mosaic opera (techniques) For two of the mosaic images, discuss the opera used in each mosaic, using the information packet that I give to you.

          You must have a bibliography slide and use at least three sources, including the physical book source.  Wikipedia does not count as one of the sources.


Due date

4. The project will be due on Wednesday, April 10th. Your mosaic is due on the same day. You will present the research reports according to a schedule we will set up during the first week back after Spring Break.

Mosaic Component

3. You will make a mosaic (4” x4” minimum) of your choice:

         - a paper background with paper tesserae  (small pieces).   I will provide the colored construction paper if you choose that option.  If you want to use gold or silver foil, colored magazine photos, etc, you must bring your own.


        - of other materials (ceramic tiles, glass, marble, beans, rice, pasta. If you choose other materials, you must provide them yourselves.

The mosaic can be of your own design, or you can copy a portion of a mosaic at your site.  Do not say that you are not an artist:  everyone can be a mosaic artist!