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Grapes of Wrath Artifacts: Home

For Mrs. Thomas's 12 grade students: Become an authority on a topic that reflects life in America during the 1930s.

Topic Headings

-Woody Guthrie and songs of the Great Depression

-Dorothea Lange's Photography and Documentation

-Agriculture and Science

-Steinbeck's Method and Inspiration

-Route 66

-Automobiles and Modification

-Food and Nutrition

-Depression Era Bank Robbers

-Federal Programs and Politics


-The Lure of California

-Motion Pictures during the Great Depression

-Education and Experiences for Farmer's Children

-Shantytowns and Hoovervilles

Humor of Will Rogers

How to Become a Subject Authority

Read your Artifact: Analyze your artifact for information. If you need more information, such as the complete document or music to accompany your lyrics, go back to the original source.

Ask Questions: What questions do you have after reading your artifact? What do you need to know so your artifact makes sense? Use the suggested questions or create questions of your own to inform your search.

Seek Answers: Answer your questions and learn more about your topic. Your library has books available for you, and websites have been chosen. See tabs on this guide for help, or ask Mrs. Anderson

Organize your Information: Use your questions, answers and additional findings to create a PowerPoint presentation. Integrate your artifact and other resources as appropriate - use a Woody Guthrie song as background music, include a clip of a Depression-era movie, make a montage of photographs of the era. Remember to cite your sources in MLA format on the last slide. You should have at least three sources in addition to the original artifact.

Present your Findings: You will give your presentation to the class. Presentations should be 5 minutes in length. You may bring items to supplement your PowerPoint. Your classmates will have an opportunity to ask additional questions of you.

Finally: As the class reads Grapes of Wrath, make note of passages that touch on your area of expertise. You will be asked to make these connections at a later date.

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