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Alexander the Great: Ancient Greece: Links to useful websites

Research tools for World History I, Mr. Ward and Mr. Treadwell.

The Ancient Greek World

From the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, this site combines images of artifacts with articles written by historians and scholars. Note the "Extra Topics" drop down folder.


The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed, scholarly site.


From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, use the "Entry Contents" on the left. This site contains information on general Greek life, as well as an excellent biography of the man himself.

Alexander the Great: Hunting for a New Past.

Historical debate veers between admiring and denigrating Alexander the Great, but Professor Paul Cartledge puts him in his proper historical context. This is an article published on the BBC website. It includes a timeline, external links, and a bibliography.

British Museum/Ancient Greece

The very excellent British Museum web site.

Art & Architecture

Black Pottery Vase

The Art of Ancient Greece

322 The Art of Ancient Greece. Column-krater, ca. 360-350 B.C.E., terracotta. The Metropolitan Museum

The Art of Ancient Greece

Statue of Pythagorus