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Latin II - Roman Cities in Italy, but not in Rome: Assignment

Dr. Dunar's Research Project


You will make a Power Point or Prezi presentation in the manner of a travel brochure, as though you were making a visit to your city in the near future. Try to capture the excitement of botht he ancient aspects and the modern city. The project is due in Dr. Dunar's Drop Box or via jump drive on FRIDAY, November 14 (Purple Group), or MONDAY, November 17 (Green Group). Presentations will be given according to a schedule Dr. Dunar sets up - before Thanksgiving.

Presentation Aspects

Your presentation must include:

  • 10 to 15 slides, including a title slide and a bibliography slide.
  • Your bibliography must include three references, including a print source.
  • Each slide must contain some printed information - a caption or a brief description, but not sentences or paragraphs. Use KEYWORDS on your slides.
  • A map of your country, showing the city.
  • The country's flag, currency, and rate of exchange (use the CNN currency converter), and the average temperature this time of year.
  • Cost of a plane ticket to your destination city, or a nearby hub, the cost of a hotel for the duration of the visit, and a restaurant featuring local cuisine.
  • Pictures of the modern city's tourist attractions: museums, town square, parks, markets, etc.
  • As many pictures of Roman ruins as possible: arenas, theaters, aqueducts, cisterns, roads, walls, sculptures, tombs, etc.

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