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Latin IV - Roman Monuments and Sites: History Research Sites

Encyclopedia Britannica

The Encyclopedia Brittanica, accessed through the Alabama Virtual Library, will provide classic encyclopedic information on your subject. A search "split roman ruins" returned a dozen articles from "Brittan 1450 to the present" to (simply) "Split (Croatia)."


UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, includes many gof the ruin sites on its list of World Heritage properties,"having outstanding universal value." This site has a wealth of information - cultural and historic - as well as photographs, an interactive map, and links to events, articles, and activities.

Google the Smart Way

By using filter bubbles, your Google results will be far more productive and reliable. Site: is the code to filter results - you know .com, .org, and .net. Here are a few more:

:edu will result in only college and university sites

:mil brings only military results (i.e. army, coast guard, air force)

:gov will yield federal government URLs (i.e. National Gallery of Art, Central Intelligence Agency, Dept. of Health and Human Services)

:IT will bring only result from ITALY! Each country has a two letter code. By using the 'site:IT', your search will return results that are Italian in origin.

A search like this: GOOGLE______site:IT hut of Romulous brings these:

Rome tourism - Archaeological Sites - Traveleurope

Anteprima - L'Erma di Bretschneider

Monuments of Rome: Archaeological Zone

History Study Center

History Study Center is one of the subscription sites the Upper School library pays for. Login and password are randolph / raiders. While you will find historical documents, study units, and journal articles, the best help will come in the form of maps and photographs. is a site created and (largely) written by Jona Lendering, a Dutch historian and educator. The work is comprehensive and scholarly.