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Research Basics: Other libraries

Use this guide as a library and resource overview. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the appropriateness of a source, ask your teacher or the librarian. Always cite your sources as soon as you find them!

Huntsville Madison County Public Library

The Huntsville/Madison County Public Library has several branches throughout the area. Materials available at any location can be delivered to the branch nearest you. Library cards are easy to get and cost nothing. Let Mrs. Anderson know if you need help with this.

Public libraries use the same cataloging/shelving system as our library. If you find helpful information here (say, 720.5 - architecture), you can just go to any public library, find the 720 section, and you will be in the middle of architecture. Use their online catalog for more specific searches.

UAH Salmon Library

Like most academic libraries, UAH has an open library policy. Anyone is allowed in the library to use their books or periodicals.

For more information on using the UAH Library, see Mrs. Anderson, or just visit the library at 301 Sparkman Dr.

Academic libraries use a different cataloging/shelving system. Here's a link showing Dewey Decimal to Library of Congress conversions.