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British Industrial Revolution: Home

How did the process of industrialization affect 19th century city life?


Working in groups of five-to-six, you will examine the wide-ranging impact of the Industrial Revolution (positive and negative) on England's major cities (Manchester, Birmingham, and London). Each group will crate an extensive list of "outcomes" that characterized the industrial revolution's impact on the assigned city. Individual group members will select an "outcome" from the list to research, focusing on its socio-economic, environmental, and/or political effects on the city. All findings will be shard with the class through a professional presentation modeled after a present-day "state of the city" report.

Group work and individual research must be properly documentd in project logs, research logs, and individual "Works Cited" lists.

Class Presentation Requirements

Each group will create a fourteen-to-sixteen minute "State of the City" presentation. The presentation should be a comprehensive summary of the group's findings that is seamlessly supported by multimedia visuals. To create a professional presentation, each presenter must be conscious of tone, body language, eye contact, and transitions from topic to topic.

Modern State of the City Report

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