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British Industrial Revolution: Web Resources

How did the process of industrialization affect 19th century city life?

Primary Sources


Primary sources are records of events as they are first described without any interpretation or commentary. An example would be Samuel Pepys diary account of the Great Fire of London in 1666. Letters, memoirs, census data, newspaper articles of the day, are all examples of Primary Sources materials. These accounts can be written, oral, visual, or electronic transmission.

 Industrial Revolution and more industrial revolution from Fordham University Internet Modern History Sourcebook

The First Industrial Revolution - UCLA

Milestone Documents of World History - ebook

Eurodocs - Yale

Here is an article on Primary Sources and their use:

More Online Resources

A Vision of Britain Through Time: A Vision of Britain from 1801 to 2001, Including Maps, Statistical Trends, and Historical Descriptions.

The National Bureau of Economic Research. The NBER is committed to undertaking and disseminating unbiased economic research in a scientific manner. You have to look hard for the information you need - use a variety of keywords in your search. "Manchester, England 1850" or "British Child Labor" had some good results.

Victorian Web, a collection of excerpts from primary and secondary sources from Britain's Age of Victoria (1837-1901), vetted through an association with Brown University.

Online Databases

Alabama Virtual Library: go to the High School screen. Here you will find several sites worth exploring.

Gale Power Search looks through all the Gale products for results of a single search term. Try "industrial revolution" and limit the search: "british OR england"

Oxford Reference is another federated search engine (which means it searches all available Oxford titles at once). Try the same search as you use for Gale.

History Reference Center and

Brittanica High School are also good sites for research.

Subscription Databases

Your Upper School library has a wealth of information available to you through paid subscription databases. Find links on the library home page, right-hand column.

History Study Center:

username: randolph

password: raiders

History Today:

"History Today created the concept of popular history, mixing styles, genres and periods to achieve a fusion of intellectual excitement and readability."  History Today is a British publication. Try more specific searches here: "Brimingham 1850" or Manchester 19th century" or "victorian industrial revolution"

username: Randolph

password: Raiders

Salem History:

Be sure to use limiters to narrow your search to Great Britain.