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Waves and Sounds - Honors Physics: Home

Resources to guide research for 3/2014 Take Home Assignment in Ms. Ormond's Honors Physics class.

Take Home Assignment

Take Home Assignment: Waves and Sounds -- Honors Physics, March 2014

Rather than having a test in class on the properties of waves and sound, you will prepare a short report on the "physics" behind the sound produced by a musical instrument of your choice. This is NOT a group assignment. You are to work by yourself on this report. You may use any resources in cluding your textbook and the internet. Our librarian, Mrs. Anderson, has compiled a list of websites and resources that you may want to start with.

Format: The report may be hand written, typed, or a combination. Your report should include the following:

-History/background of the instrument

-Description/illustration of the physics of sound production, including boundary conditions

-Calculation of an example resonant fundamental frequency, including formulas relating physical dimensions to frequency, example measurements, and units

-Calculations showing how higher harmonics are produced also including formulas and numbers

-Discussion of the instrument's frequency range and sound amplification method

-Citation of sources used in report

Length: The report should be at least one page but can be as long as you would like.

Date Due: Before leaving for Interim (sometme before 3:10 on Friday, March 14)

Counts as a Test Grade for 4th quarter.


The Grove New Dictionary of Music is located on the shelf at REF 780.3 Gro, look also on the regular shelves in the 780s for more resources.

Use our catalog to search for other works, using keywords such as: sound, waves, or music.

Your Friendly Librarian