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In support of Pride and Prejudice / Mr. Green and Mrs. Abrams English 10.


All of you have chosen the topic to research for your overall project. This tipic is related in some way to both the era and the plot and/or characters in the novel.

The purpose of the project is to show your understanding of the topic as it relates to the era, and to connect it to how that topic is relevant today. What larger idea (s) does that topic convey? Why are those ideas still relevant today? The more deeply you dig into your topic, the more likely you are to find the relevance. Take some risks. Find the connections and run with them.

Some Ideas for Presentation

-PowerPoint or Prezi (not the most intersting choice, but if you put some effort and creativity into it, it's fine).

-Visual art response -- if you are particularly bent toward art, you may present your work in the medium. See Mr. Green to discuss what you have in mind.

-Performance art response -- again, if you have an interest in film, theatre, or music you may choose to present your work in the medium.

-Other -- see Mr. Green if you have other ideas.



1. Choose a topic.

2. Begin preliminary re search and data collection on the topic.

3. Begin narrowing your focus and choose data that is directly related to your connection and to its relevance.

4. Decide on how you're going to present this topic to the class.

5. Put the presentation together for showing to the class.


-Preliminary research/data gathering: Thursday, November 13th

-Decision about medium of presentation: Monday, November 17th

-Outline or preliminary rendering of presentation: Monday, November 24th

-Rehearsal and feedback for presentation: Tuesday, December 2nd

-Final presentation: Friday, December 5th


Ultimately, this is an opportunity to learn something about the novel and its era and to show your understanding in a way that is unique to you. You decide how you want to present your findings. You have control over how you learn the material and how you show you learned it, so that you can then pass that knowledge on to your classmates.


-Note check, first deadline (thoroughness and completion): 10 points

-Outline or preliminary rendering deadline (thoroughness and completion): 10 points

-Preparedness for rehearsal for presentation: 10 points

-Final Presentation: 70 points

This project will be graded on the following criteria: 

1. Content and Relevance--Is the information accurate and thorough? (30 points)

2. Coherence--Is the information presented in a way that is easy to follow? Are all your ideas connected clearly? (10 points)

3. Engagement--Do you bring energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and interesting ideas to your audience? Do you present the material in a way that grabs and holds their attention? How creatively did you put your work together? (15 points)

4. Neatness and attention to detail--Is your presentation practiced and done with care? Are you choices intentional (not thrown together or random or "first choice")? Have you shown that you want to go above and beyond and not just do the bare minimum to get a passing grade? (10 points)

5. Time Limit--No more than 7 minutes (5 points)