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Theater History Project: Home

In this project you, and your project partners, will create a visual presentation about a specific time period in the history of theater. You may create this presentation using Power Point or Movie Maker, OR you may write a play, whichever you choose.


  • Your presentation must be done in PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Prezi or another program that uses technology, or you must write an original play that creatively introduces the audience to the information.
  • If you use technology, your presentation must include pictures and/or photographs. If you can find video clips, include those, too!
  • You can create another part of your presentions, too! You can write a script, make a visual aid, you decide! 
  • Make your presentation INTERESTING! Make it the kind of presentation YOU would like to see!
  • Please remember to cite your sources at the end.
  • When you presnt your project, you may use note cards, but you may not READ DIRECTLY, AND ONLY FROM THE NOTE CARDS. You need to talk to us! You should rehearse your presentation just like you would rehearse a play!
  • The project must include the following infomration, specific to your assigned time period.
  1.  dates of the time period
  2.  playwrights of the period: who, what, when, and where
  3.  types of plays of the period; dramas, comedies, musicals, etc. Which was the most popular?
  4.  major theatrical movements that took place during your time period
  5.  physical theaters of the period. Names, places, what they lookd like? This is a good chance to use pictures!
  6.  actors of the period. Who were they? Who was famous? What made them famous? What did they look like? You should find photos, or paintings, of these people
  7.  technical aspects of the period. This should include, but is not limited to, sets, costumes, lighting, sound, music, dance, etc. Show us pictures of a cool set or really awesome lighting design!
  8.   anything that's unique to your time period.
  • Create a 10 question multiple choice quiz from the information presented in your project. This quiz will be given to the other students in the class. You must turn in a copy of the questions, and a copy of the questions WITH the answers on it, to Mrs. Voight the day before the project will be presented.
  • Create an informal bibliography for the project. Be sure to include books, websites, and other publications that you used in your research. You must use at least 4 sources and they may NOT all be from the internet!
  • Use this page as a completion check list and turn it in with a printed copy of your presentation.