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Theater History Project: Online Resources

In this project you, and your project partners, will create a visual presentation about a specific time period in the history of theater. You may create this presentation using Power Point or Movie Maker, OR you may write a play, whichever you choose.

General Search Tips and Reminders-Google

Remember to use filter bubbles to limit Google search results. Here, by using .edu, you can see results come from Princeton, U of Rochester, and one of the California State Universities. Instead of "morality plays", type in your own search terms and see what other scholars are doing with your keywords. 

Research in 8 Steps

  • Select a general topic
  • PRE research
  • Focus the topic
  • Find sources
  • Record your sources
  • Outline and take notes
  • Write the paper or create the project
  • Edit/rewrite, rewrite, rewrite!

General Search Tips and Reminders-Wikipedia

Use Wikipedia for your PREresearch. Keywords can be gleaned from general information - see the words highlighted in blue. Furthermore, the list of references at the end of an article not only shows you that the works is (somewhat) scholarly, sources were cited, but these links will lead you to more information.