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5th Grade WWII: Home

A Guide for 5th grade classes studying World War II

Websites for Research

On the Home Front (Rationing & victory gardens) (Propaganda)  (Propaganda) (Rosie the Riveter) (Fireside Chats) (Fireside Chats)  (Japanese Internment)


Notable Figures and Groups (military leaders) (political leaders) (Tuskegee Airmen) (Tuskegee Airmen) (Women)  (Women) (African Americans) (African Americans) (Navajo Code Talkers) (Navajo Code Talkers) (spies) (spies)


Animals in War


Weapons, Equipment, and Innovations (U-boats, Battle fo the Atlantic, Enigma Machine) (U-boats) (U-boats)​ (air craft) (Japanese Zero)  (U.S. Battleships) (Aircraft Carriers) (Tanks)​ (weapons) (weapons) (weapons, aircraft, ships) (aircraft) (Radar) (Radar) (Medicine) (medicine) (Enigma Machine) (Enigma Machine) (Manhattan Project)




Websites for Research


Gale Virtual Reference Library (password is raiders)

Choose World War II Reference Library under History

This set of 3 e-books has biographies and information on battles from World War II.