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6th Grade Civil War: Home

A guide for 6th graders studying the Civil War.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

MackinVIA E-books

These are some of the eBooks located on MackinVia's site, but there are many more available there for you to use. Click on the link beside the book to go to MackinVia. Once you have logged into the site, you will need to use the search box to find the book. You can look for the specific title or you can just search for books about the Civil War. To login, use the following information:

School: Randolph School

User ID: randolphk12

Password: raiders



Online Encyclopedias

Students have free access to the following encyclopedias through the Alabama Virtual Library. Click on the encyclopedia name and it will take you to the AVL Middle School home page where you will need to click on the Encyclopedia you want to use from their list of resources. Access is automatic within the state of Alabama.