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iSearch Project: Home

A guide to remind you of the resources at your disposal as you complete this project.

The iSearch Project 2017

Ponder  Experience  Express

Description of Assignment


1) Identify your Topic and your Thesis Question.

a) Broad Idea

b) Narrowed Question

c) Focused Research Question.

2) What I Already Know

Tell me everything that you already know about this subject; facts, theories, assumptions, rumors, etc.

3) What I Want to Know

Tell me everything that you want to know about this subject. List as many legitimate questions as possible.

4)Why it Matters to Me

Tell me why this topic and this question matters to you. Why do you want to know about this? How does this subject relate to your personal life and/or to you as an individual.

Where to start your Research

Ask the Librarian! As is the case in college, the Librarian can provide resources, feedback and an extra pair of eyes to evaluate materials.


In Text Citations and Work Cited

Organization Resources

Finding Keywords

Introduction to Research

Concept Maps

Primary Sources

The Big 6 Research Model