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The End of the War - Athenian and Spartan Society in 404 BC: Home

This LibGuide will aid in finding resources into the key elements of Athenian and Spartan society. The areas covered include government, and political organization, daily life and values, social structure, military strength, educational philosophy, and th

Library Book Resources

Using the library catalog's Subject search, find books that match your topic.

The areas of the library that will primarily be used for this assignment are:

Call numbers 930 - 938 contain books that cover the history, culture and basic timeline of Greece.

Call numbers 103 and 292 respectively cover the philosophy and religion of those areas and time period.

Call number 305 will talk about the women of that time period.

Call number 355 deals with military history, including that of ancient Greece.

Call number 790 - 796 covers the sports and games of ancient civilizations.

Don't be afraid to examine at the time period from many different angles!

The library also has a number of encyclopedias and other reference works that cover that time period. Some of these contain primary sources.

Recording Your Sources

For this assignment you will record all of your research on your Research Log. Extra copies can be obtained from Ms. Kuhn or here.

Reference Materials in the Library

Upper School Librarian

Cite Your Sources!

Save yourself a lot of heartache and immediately record all potential sources as soon as you find them. You may record them in NoodleTools, EasyBib, or simply on note cards. Early on in your research you may not know what is going to turn out to be valuable information when making your argument. You definitely don't want to waste valuable time retracing your steps through the library where you THINK you saw something important. Write it down right away! You may use it, you may not. But at least you have the information at your finger tips. This trick will help you avoid a common plagiarism trap - failure to cite your source because you lost it.